Daniel Molnar, data nerd.

I used to be a senior applied and data scientist at 6Wunderkinder now part of Microsoft. Meracus Consulting was our family firm with my wife providing professional services. Now we live in Berlin, Germany with our two daughters.

In my non-existent free time I do fun data projects as one half of DataEast & Co., take part in data competitions at Kaggle and publish Python tools at github.

I'm a builder. I've co-funded businesses like Digital Natives, Coedu, Carnation, Tyrell Hungary and media entities like Subbacultcha, Pararadio, Sziget Rádió 96.

I was a DJ for two decades. I've cofounded the party series Bootleg Balhé, the music blog mangare, and Getup@9 Records. I'm building an archive of my mixes at Mixcloud and own music production, mostly bootlegs at Soundcloud.

I've written for numerous print media outlets mostly on pop culture.

Hat tip to Naz Hamid and Tim Lum.